Diversity, Equity & Belonging

Building a diverse workforce, pursuing equitable outcomes, and creating a sense of belonging

Callan’s goal is to engage, innovate, and grow with a culture focused on building a diverse workforce, pursuing equitable outcomes, and creating a sense of belonging for all employees. In late 2021, we launched our diversity, equity, and belonging (DEB) strategy to build on the work we’ve done in this area since the firm’s founding in 1973. We’re committed to taking the necessary steps, both big and small, to bring change to our firm and our industry.

See our Diversity, Equity & Belonging policy.

An actionable roadmap for lasting change

Seeing the need to improve diversity, equity, and belonging across the firm, Callan hired an outside consultant to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. After many months of education and training, we worked together to create a long-term, actionable roadmap for meaningful, lasting change in the organization.

We are focused on making significant changes in six key areas:

  • Education
  • Mentoring and Training
  • Retention
  • Recruitment
  • Community Engagement

Read about the launch our DEB initiative.

Defining what 'DEB' means to us

When we sat down to build a message that would resonate internally, the word “belonging” kept coming up. We want to make sure employees feel like they truly belong at Callan. 


Recognizing that all individuals and their experiences are unique will enhance creativity and innovation.


Acknowledging that advantages and barriers do exist, we will ensure resources are allocated fairly to promote access to opportunities and equitable outcomes.


Fostering a sense of belonging by valuing inherent differences and empowering employees will encourage them to fully participate, be their authentic selves, and thrive.

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Support the DEB initiative at Callan

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Believe Callan values their differences

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Employees surveyed

Agree that Callan provides opportunities to openly discuss DEB topics 

Diversity, Equity & Belonging Leadership and Council

Our Diversity, Equity, and Belonging (DEB) Council supports the DEB Champion (Lauren Mathias) and Executive Sponsor (Greg Allen) in implementing Callan’s DEB strategy across the organization. 

Juan Pablo Piz

Client Report Services

Nicole Wubbena

Global Manager Research

Erik Partida

Client Report Services

Paola J. Cardenales

Investment Consulting

Lindsay Jones

Capital Markets Research

Citlali Cuevas

Callan Institute

Laura Dawson

Communications & Marketing

Greg Allen

CEO & Chief Research Officer

Michael Joecken

Investment Consulting

Lauren Mathias

Global Manager Research & DEB Champion

Jeffrey Salyer

Investment Consulting

Alvaro Vega

Implementation Solutions

Avery Robinson

Real Assets Consulting
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Management Committee

Female and/or diverse

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Female and/or diverse

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Female and/or diverse

Hear from the DEB team

In this video, our Diversity, Equity & Belonging (DEB) team members talk about Callan’s DEB initiative and goals.

Three men talking

A culture grounded in respect

Since its founding in 1973, Callan has built a culture of mutual respect and collegiality. Because we aim to hire people from all walks of life, our clients benefit from the diversity of ideas, experiences, skills, and perspectives that each associate brings.

Diversity, equity, and belonging at work

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and belonging is at the foundation of our firm, and it shows in all we strive to do for our associates, our communities, and the industry at large. Here are some examples:

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Ensuring the senior team’s involvement in decisions, whether it touches on mentorships, promotions, or committee leadership, for example

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Contributing to organizations, such as the United Way, that support at-risk youth, the disabled, the homeless, and more

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Widening our hiring net to include those with non-traditional backgrounds (e.g., non-finance degrees for financial firms)

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Selecting suppliers based on gender and ethnicity considerations, which includes nine women-owned professional services businesses

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Partnering with United Way Bay Area and Summer Search to find candidates for our thriving internship program (we hire two interns a year into full-time roles)

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Offering family-friendly and flexible work programs

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Recruiting through university student and veteran groups to promote opportunities at Callan

Engaging diverse and emerging managers

In 2010, Callan Connects became the first-of-its-kind program developed by an investment consulting firm to engage emerging managers and diverse-, women-, and disabled-owned (DWDO) firms. Each quarter, we meet with you one-on-one (virtually, for now).

Callan becomes a signatory of CFA Institute’s DEI Code

Organizations we support

Because we’re all in this together, Callan supports many organizations that advocate for diversity, equity, and belonging.

Greg Allen

CEO & Chief Research Officer

Greg Allen

“Not only is our DEB initiative critical to Callan’s success, but we hope it will ultimately influence our entire industry. Supporting this initiative from the position of CEO is the best way for me to ensure its success. As the executive sponsor, I can make sure our team has the support and the resources to effect real change.”

Greg Allen

CEO & Chief Research Officer

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