Endowments, Foundations & Nonprofits

Driven by a commitment to make a lasting impact

Your organization has a mission. The more you accomplish with your investments, the more lasting impact you’ll achieve. You take the long view, stay on top of trends, and carefully navigate risk through changing market conditions. While the process is challenging, Callan can help you every step of the way.

As one of the largest, independent investment consulting firms, we have a rich history of advising endowments, foundations, and nonprofits. In fact, we’ve built our business to focus on you and improving your investment outcomes.

Our listen-first, peer-reviewed process aligns our advice with your specific considerations. Your unique goals and complexities require a tailored approach. 

Our experienced, responsive consultants — backed by expert researchers and specialty teams — will work with you to create a true investment partnership that keeps your needs and goals at the center of the conversation. 

Whether you’re navigating the changing landscape of impact investing or seeking to maximize your investment opportunities, Callan can help you achieve your mission.

For institutional investors at endowments, foundations, and nonprofits, it’s a challenge to:

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Take the long view


Carefully consider risk

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Set a plan

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Seek to lower costs

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Navigate regulatory changes

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Services for endowments, foundations & nonprofits

Learn more about how Callan’s services can help you and your employees:

  • Asset spending and structure analysis
  • Manager evaluation and selection
  • Performance and risk monitoring
  • Alternatives investing
  • Trust, custody, and securities lending
  • ESG investing
  • Utilization of diverse and emerging investment managers
  • Discretionary services

Our people

Our people are our biggest strength and differentiator. We pride ourselves on a collaborative culture that supports a team-based approach to investment consulting, resulting in strong retention rates among our professionals and our clients.

Callan turns 50

Callan turned 50 in 2023, and we know who to thank for that. Our clients. 

How we work with you.


Step 1

Asset allocation & spending analysis


Step 2

Policy development & risk assessment


Step 3

Manager structure


Step 4

Manager evaluation & selection

Step 5

Portfolio monitoring & ongoing education


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