Performance Monitoring & Analysis

Providing you with immediate access to data on virtually every available investment vehicle.

Performance Evaluation Program

Through our proprietary software, Performance Evaluation Program (PEP), you have immediate access to data that helps you analyze investment performance and produce the analysis you need as an investment professional.

Designed by Callan in 1990 from the ground up, PEP is our industry-leading performance, risk, and style analysis software application. It is a highly flexible tool that gives you access to valuable information from Callan’s separate account and mutual fund databases. 

With more than 37,000 funds across multiple vehicles, PEP provides information on virtually every available investment vehicle. PEP also furnishes an appropriate peer group for any investment approach, providing over 400 style and database groups from which to choose. PEP’s database architecture also allows you to customize performance groups, portfolios, benchmarks, and composites.

PEP was built by investment consultants for investment consultants. In fact, we were PEP’s first customer. We created PEP in-house to provide our team immediate access to our proprietary database, which has long been considered one of the investment industry’s most comprehensive archives.


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