Diversity, Equity & Belonging

Actionable roadmap for meaningful change

Callan’s core values drive the way we run our business. We keep client interests paramount, support the success of each associate, commit to quality and collaboration, work with integrity and inclusiveness, and honor every commitment. Our approach to diversity, equity, and belonging reflects these core values and has been a cornerstone of our business since the firm’s founding. 

Five-Part Strategy

Callan’s goal is to engage, innovate, and grow by building a diverse workforce, pursuing equitable outcomes, and creating a sense of belonging for all employees. To do this, the firm’s DEB efforts are centered on five key areas.

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► Implement inclusive leadership training and improve DEB proficiency of all employees

► Support industry organizations that advocate for DEB to further our knowledge and teach others

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► Create employee resource groups to facilitate open dialogue, enhance engagement, and foster learning opportunities

► Develop equitable policies for promotion and partnership

► Measure employee engagement and satisfaction through tools like annual surveys and “stay interviews,” as well as our progress on diversity

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► Identify recruitment opportunities to expand our pipeline of diverse candidates

► Build on Callan’s Student Educational Summit to enhance our recruitment opportunities and encourage broader representation across our industry

► Develop an equitable interview process across all departments and offices, and create an objective evaluation framework for candidates

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► Develop guidelines for community engagement programs for all employees

► Provide opportunities to engage on important cultural events

► Expand outreach to diverse asset managers through our research, education, and client engagement, including our longstanding program Callan Connects

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► Design a more equitable onboarding program for new employees

► Create a formal mentorship program

Visit our main Diversity, Equity & Belonging page to discover more about our program.

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