Are We Headed for an Economic ‘Rapid Unplanned Disassembly’?

Callan analyst examines the state of the U.S. economy and the prospects for a soft landing.

Callan 2024 DC Trends Survey: Focus on Plan Governance, and Continued Efforts to Rein in Fees

Eye microscope in hospital laboratory

A summary of Callan’s 2024 Defined Contribution Trends Survey.

Stocks Continue Rally; Bond Returns Fall Amid Rate Cut Uncertainty

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Callan expert analyzes the performance of global markets in 1Q24 and the outlook for the year.

Higher for Longer? Rates and the Global Economy

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SEC Releases Final Climate Disclosure Rules

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The Magnificent Seven and Large Cap Portfolios: What Institutional Investors Need to Know

What institutional investors need to know about the Magnificent Seven and large cap stock portfolios

Private Real Estate Falls but REITs Outpace Stocks

An update on real estate and real assets performance in 4Q23.

The U.S. Economy Is More Surprising by the Quarter

Jay Kloepfer analyzes the U.S. and global economies in 4Q23 and for the full year.

Our Capital Markets Assumptions: How’d We Do?

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Greg Allen and Julia Moriarty compare Callan’s Capital Markets Assumptions to actual returns since 1989.

Stocks Near a Record High, and Bonds Reverse Course

Kristin Bradbury analyzes global stock and bond markets in 4Q23.